Holding down the Low End!

Dan and I have been playing music together for over

25 years!

Dan has been joining me a lot of my acoustic gigs! 

Two heads are better than one!

This is us putting our thang down at the legendary Dobbs in Philly this past winter! 

Check out the SHOWS section and come visit us! 

Making records is an obsession! 

After the release of Spirit Dancer its time to get back in the studio!
Since September I have been in and out of sessions 
recording and collecting songs and ideas for my next project.

We recorded some of the drums in Philly at a secret studio owned by a secret famous drummer on his secret drum kit that we're not allowed to mention! Haha! 
Seriously though, I was asked not to mention it for whatever reason…
But I'll say this much, that snare drum has some history up in it!!
Duane know's what I'm talkin' about!
Look at that smile!
Stay tuned for more info!

The Immortalization of my Mojo! 
This is really cool!!
It's not everyday a really talented artist wants to

capture your mojo!

I am honored to be chosen for 
"The Portrait of Philadelphia Artists Exhibition"
The Exhibition will showcase sculptures created by 
artist Clete Shields.

I am one of 20 or 30 philadelphia artists 
of different mediums sculpted by Clete.  
(Date of Exhibition is scheduled for April 2014)

See the sensational work of artist Clete Shields 
including his work of the official

Willy Nelson Statue in Austin Tx. 
More photos and info HERE

Packed house at MUSIKFEST 2013!

In August 2013 me and the boys

Rocked a great set to a full house 
on the Lyrikplatz stage at  MUSIKFEST!

Can't wait to come back next year August 8th!

The Release of SPIRIT DANCER!

After 6 months of work, I am pleased to announce the release of my latest record SPIRIT DANCER!

Made with love and funded with enormous generosity from super supportive fans, friends and true believers in the power of music and art and expression!  

I am grateful! 

Thanks guys!
Peace and love!

You can hear it HERE

From the River to the Mountain top!
On the 4th of July weekend me and the boys played the Festival pier to an earshot of over ten thousand people. 
Hottest day of the summer!

We persevered and played one hell of a set! 

Special thanks to Wawa Welcome America and Esm for the great opportunity! 

We look forward to next time!

Latest News and Stuff:

Philadelphia Artists 

Portrait Sculptures By Clete Shields 

The Twin Ghost Sculpture

April 28 was fantastic!

The finished sculptures where on display at a beautiful gallery in Old City Philadelphia 

featuring 24 artists of different disciplines. 

Congratulations Clete! 

Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of philly's finest in the arts! 

A true honor!

See more info HERE

A cover song of Peace and Love

This video has the latest mix of a song I hope to release soon. 

It's a really powerful composition called Why Can't We Live Together 

written by a cat named Timmy Thomas. 

I first heard the song when SADE covered it, and later Santana. 

(I adore them both but I love the original most) 

Simple and pure in both the music and lyric, 

yet the song carries tremendous weight. 

The cats on the track: 

Joe Tosolt: Organ Keys and Guitar

Gordon Vincent: Congas 

Duane Martis: Drums

TG: Production, Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Organ and video.

Hope you enjoy!

MusikFest 2014

Here's a clip from our second year in a row at the awesome MUSIKFEST in Bethlehem PA!

Looking forward to 2015!

One of our favorite songs!

Check out our reinterpretation of this 

Dylan classic 


The cats on the track: 

Joe Tosolt: Accordion

Juan Arenda: Classical guitar 

Duane Martis: Drums 

Dan Dillon: Bass

​Kyle Swartzwelder: Electric guitar

TG: Production, Vocals, Acoustic/Elec Guitar

Hope you enjoy!

Spirit Dancer: Solo acoustic

The title track of my 2014 CD Spirit Dancer recorded at my crib!